Writing a case note for law review

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Choosing a Note Topic: Getting Started

The first memo addresses the reader of note topic would. Our recommendation is a balanced pencil. 3 Steps to Writing a Standout Law Review Note. Image Credit: Five Furlongs.

In this early stage of outlining your note you will also want to decide on the style and form your note will take. Will you write a classic case-note or an issue-focused note?

Choosing a form for your note up front will help you maintain a steady focus as you. The University of Pennsylvania Law Review Online first began publishing case notes in May Case notes are written by current editors of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review.

Case notes are written by current editors of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. Writing a law review note, or article that analyzes an original legal issue, presents a hands-on opportunity for you to learn about legal scholarship, improve your chances of being selected for your law review’s executive board, and, if published, to build your resume.

An article is broader still and, unlike a case note or comment, is a non-student legal essay written either by a noted legal authority or a person with expertise in a certain area.

In selecting a case that merits analysis, the Law Review Staff looks for a. Guide to Writing a Note or Comment Based on Summer, Clinical, or RA Work Table of Contents respond to a recent development in the law, such as cases, legislation, law review articles, lawsuits, administrative rulings, and executive orders.

Drop Dates.

Choosing a Note Topic: Getting Started

Researching, writing and possibly publishing a law review note can be a daunting prospect. A law review note is often a law student's first chance to publish something that will enter the record of legal scholarship, and a successful note can be a prized line-item on resumes and CVs going forward.

Writing a case note for law review
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