High salaries for politicians ever justifiable

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Tearing up the Tracks

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Socialized medicine

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“Instead, it is common sense that when you pay the most for your politicians to run the smallest country in the world, something is very very wrong. Also, the income that we are aware of is but a fraction of their total salaries, being part time politicians.

Political consultants earn an average of $, per year. Those who earn higher salaries work for candidates who vie for more advanced positions, such as. 13 petitioners challenge dissolution of parliament in Supreme Court (Lanka e News - Nov, PM) Summary of submissions and hearing which took place today in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka with regard to the alleged dissolving of the Parliament.

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Hark! DA finally recuses self from Fairgate investigation While Fayette County District Attorney Rich Bower did not date the letter floating around cyberspace to the state attorney general announcing his recusal from the politically.

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