Free lined paper for kids to write and draw

After children have used writing letters with dotted guideline worksheets, have them go writing the letters independently. Present awake images or video materials to help for writing.

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Primary Handwriting Paper

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Lined Writing Paper

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Every Lined Paper Under the Sun!

Just like the ones at school! Kindergarten aged children will love to practice their writing and story telling skills by filling up the pages of this cute, bright and cheerful draw and write journal. With six primary lines (top line, middle dotted guide line, bottom line) for writing and a nice large framed.

Primary-lined paper with a blank space in the top half for students to draw their own illustrations. (54 pt, landscape layout) Writing Paper: Blank 54 pt. -. Have children draw a designated shape and practice to write the shape word.

Printable Writing Paper with Room for Picture

Have children draw or glue a certain number of shapes (paper cut-outs or foamies) representing a number. Practice writing the numeral and/or number word.

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Providing a variety of fun stationery is one of the easiest ways to encourage children to put pen or pencil to paper, and it is easy to do just that when you can browse through collections of writing paper like this and just pick out a design that will appeal to the age and stage of your child!

Free lined paper for kids to write and draw
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Printable Writing Paper and Stationery for Kids