Descriptive writing activities for third grade

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Descriptive Writing Activities & Examples - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Grade

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Writing Instruction for ELLs

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Upload Passages or Graphics optional [?. This writing prompt is suitable for Second Grade, Third Grade and Fourth Grade students. Canadian Diwali Extravaganza You are an Canadian and celebrated Diwali with your Indian friends. When teaching a lesson on descriptive writing, students may write descriptively in the moment, but once the lesson is over, they tend to revert to their former ways.

This lesson helps students learn to apply effective writing techniques on their own over time without constant reminders from the teacher.

Third Grade Adjective Worksheets Build upon your third grade grammar unit by teaching about adjectives. Your students will enjoy the repetition of these tasks as they are now asked to focus on identifying adjectives.

Students will use descriptive words to complete a story about the seasons. Have students complete the worksheet by writing a sentence about their favorite season. Use with Lesson Plan: The Best Season.

Tips for Writing a Friendly Letter.

Descriptive Writing Prompts

Remember to include all five parts when writing a friendly letter. The heading includes the sender's address and the date. The sender's address needs to be located at the top of the page in the center or at the top right-hand corner. This third grade writing prompts packet includes narrative, informational, and opinion writing prompts on September, October, and November topics, themes, and holidays.

Save 20% with this September, October, and November 3rd Grade Common Core Writing Prompts Bundle!

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Descriptive Writing -- Using Your Five Senses