Book reviews for parents

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How to Talk About Sexual Harassment with Tweens and Teens

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In the classroom of the James Frey scandal, Feely proceeded and published the anthology, Confessions:. A book report or review is your child’s written critique of a book that they have read.

Book reports tend to focus slightly more on describing what the book is about, while reviews are more concerned with your child’s opinion on the book. Generally, book reports and reviews will include: The title and author.

Build better, stronger partnerships with parents. LearningBook gives parents the visibility they need to support their child’s education beyond the classroom.

By seeing what their child does, how they learn and what they do day-to-day, partnerships with parents are made stronger.

RAC Book: Yes Thom Creed is a teenager coming to terms with many issues in his life including the disappearance of his mother when he was young, the fall of his. The best books for Christian parents are books that faithfully hold to the principles in God’s Word.

Best Books for Christian Parents

Parents with young children wondering if they should spank their children will be greatly encouraged by Detective Robert Surgenor’s book No Fear: A Police Officer’s Perspective.

As with any parenting book, this one has its pros and cons. When I first read it, I didn't mind the dismissive, humiliating tone. I had a toddler in the "window" the author deems appropriate and I was reading this book, so I was obviously doing everything right from the start.

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Book reviews for parents
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